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Ensuring Australian business, government and education sectors derive sustainable financial and competitive advantage through adoption of open standards

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Helping Australian Governments to achieve leadership in providing policy frameworks supportive of open standards and of the growth and success of the Australian open source industry

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Put you in touch with open source providers

Australian Open Source Directrory

Goto the Australian Open Source Directory

The Australian Open Source Directory is now available (in beta status)

The Australian Open Source Directory will demonstrate the breadth and depth of skills and support available in the Australian free and open source marketplace.

Membership Benefits and Services

OSIA Members are able to offer a wide range of services based on Open Source Software Solutions. The open nature of the technologies used also makes it much easier to have our Members team up, cooperate and consolidate their capabilities to offer the most appropriate solutions to the clients at any level.


OSIA is Australia's national Open Source industry body. It exists to further the cause of both Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Australia and to support its members to improve their business success in this growing sector of the global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market. It also provides authoritive and consistent information about Open Source Software.