Note: For 2017-18 yr, due to introduction of "Startup" category, renewal may be delayed by a few weeks - Membership fee will also remain the same. Membership is for a financial year and all memberships become renewable on the 1st July each year. Annual Fees are:

  • New Category in 2017: StartUp, $0.0 (zero) in 1st yr, "pay-as-u-can" in 2nd yr, Startup status re-assessed in 3rd yr with possible extension. (only pay $50 fee on joining)
  • Individual or Sole Trader, $120
  • Small Organisation, $175 (1 to 10 employees) - includes up to two nominated representatives
    •  $ 50 each additional nominee
  • Medium Organisation, $405 (11 to 200 employees) - includes up to three nominated representative,
    • $ 75 each additional nominee
  • Large Organisation, $595 (200 plus employees) - includes up to four nominated representatives,
    • $ 100 each additional nominee



  1. Fees effective 9 June 2016 remain valid for Financial Year 2017/18
  2. Membership is open to individuals or businesses having an ACN, ABN or a state registered business name, trading in Australia and having at least one line of business supplying FOSS services or products. Government entities may also join.
  3. Membership is for a financial year and all memberships become renewable on 1 July each year.
  4. Members who join between 1 July and 30 November in any year pay full fees for that year.
  5. Members who join between 1 December and 30 April in any year pay half fees for that year.
  6. Members who join in May or June in any year pay full fees to receive membership until the end of the following financial year, but at the rate applicable to that following year.
  7. New members incur a Joining Fee of $50 regardless of the month in which they join.

If you are uncertain or have any difficulties, please email the Secretary.

Thank you for your support of OSIA.

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