Case Studies

Santos case study

An Australian energy pioneer since 1954, Santos is one of the country’s leading oil and gas producers, supplying customers across Australia and Asia. With over 2,800 employees across its offices and field operations, Santos is headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Perth, Jakarta, Singapore, Port Moresby, Hanoi, New Delhi, Dhaka, and Bishkek. The largest supplier of natural gas to the domestic Australian market, the company reported sales revenue of $2.53 billion in 2011.

We’ve been burned in the past by opting for proprietary solutions only to have them rendered unviable through being acquired by a larger player with a different agenda. So for Santos, the move to open source — and to Red Hat — also provides us with a solid anchor. We can be assured that no one can breeze in and blow our solution away; open source is owned by the world and is not for sale. Introducing Red Hat has really provided us with a win-win situation.

– Andy Moore, IS Manager for Subsurface, Santos Limited

Suncorp case study

Suncorp Group includes leading general insurance, banking, life insurance, superannuation and investment brands in Australia and New Zealand. The Group has around 16,000 employees and relationships with nine million customers. It is a Top 25 ASX listed company with over $95 billion in assets. Suncorp has five core businesses: Personal Insurance; Commercial Insurance; Vero New Zealand; Suncorp Bank and Suncorp Life. These are supported by corporate and
shared services divisions.

At this time Suncorp's Red Hat Java platforms run approxinstances, consuming approx 200 RHEL servers. Both330 JBoss instances and approx 200 Tomcat platforms continue to grow at a steady rate.

- Brian Wallace, JBoss Platform Suncorp.

National Archives case study

The National Archives of Australia holds a fascinating array of material, one of the most important collections of documentary heritage in the country. The Archives is the official repository for Australian Government records and the personal papers of people with close links to the Commonwealth, such as federal politicians and senior public servants.

The National Archives decided very early that any software developed for digital preservation should be released under an open source license. Open source software offers the prospect of collaborating with other interested parties without barriers to engagement and helps in getting the software in front of the largest possible audience. Open source development allows our small team to create large software projects by building on top of existing open source tools.

- Michael Carden, Assistant Director, Operations Innovation, National Archives of Australia.

Australia's most open sourced town

Newstead, Victoria is a small town with a population of around 450 people, located about 2 hours North of Melbourne. In 2008 the town held a forum on the same day as the Federal Government's Australia 2020 Summit. The town folk discussed our visions for the town. Quite a few of the ideas involved using technology to improve the town.

Commodity hardware combined with free / open source software and a bit of know-how has allowed Newstead to become a very connected town. Without open source none of these projects could have gotten off the ground.

- Dave Hall, Newstead's Resident Geek.

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